Is equipment used in pilates?

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Classes may involve the use of various equipment to help modify the exercises.


Arc Barrel:
Offers various workout possibilities. It is versatile for different body types, for example if the lower back (lumbar area) is stiff the barrel can assist with certain exercises such as the roll over prep and the full roll over.







Flex Band:
Can assist in exercises for weak abdominals or can be used to increase the intensity of certain exercises.






Foam Roller:
Can be used for promoting balance, flexibility and core strength. Can also be used for self myofascial release and massage therapy.









Massage Spikeys:
Often when we begin Pilates certain mobilising muscles try to do the work of our stabilising muscles. These muscles may be tight due to overuse, sports or your occupation. The spikys are great for releasing muscles such as rectus femoris (front of the thigh) and loosening the gluteals and hamstrings.








Mini Flex Ball:
This soft inflatable ball has several uses. This tool will add energy to your workout. It can help engage your inner thighs muscles (adductors). It can also be used as a supporting cushion for the neck when it is partially inflated








Stability Ball:
Used to add instability to Pilates exercises. To sit in neutral you have to switch on the deep stabilising muscles and then the challenge is on moving your limbs while keeping the ball absolutely still. Excellent for engaging those muscles around the scapula and the pelvis. Can be used for prenatal Pilates.








Spine Corrector:
Designed to support the spine and reduce neck tension. It is ideal for those with weak lower backs, neck pain, shoulder tension and for developing proper form during abdominal work. Can also be useful in the early stages of pregnancy.






Stability Wobble Cushion:
Exercises can be performed in standing, sitting and kneeling challenging stability, strength and balance.








Thick mats:
In mat Pilates we use thick mats to provide cushioning and support for your joints and to help absorb the shock.





Toning balls:
Hand held weighted balls excellent for increasing strength, stamina and flexibility in the arms, shoulders and upper torso. They can be used to challenge core strength and also for retraining and stabilising muscles in the shoulder region. They can also help with the Roll -Up if you are struggling to curl up!! We use 450g, 900g, 1KG up to 1.5KG’s







Reformers & Towers:
Specialised Pilates equipment imported from America. Exercises can be done in various positions such as lying down, sitting, standing, pulling the straps and pushing the foot bar. It can train many different body parts in several different ways and is ideal for anyone with an injury. In the clinic the reformer is used to help rehabilitate injuries such as shoulders and ankles. We have morning and evening Reformer classes as well as private and semi private sessions with a Chartered Physiotherapist. Our Reformer Studio has 11 Reformers and 8 Towers.



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