Kinesio Tex Taping

What is Kinesio Tex Taping?

You may have seen coloured strips on the athletes at the London Olympics. This is a therapeutic taping method using a uniquely designed elastic tape which changes the tension elements in tissue. The Kinesio Tape can affect the skin, fascia, circulatory or lymphatic system, muscle and joints. It is skin friendly and can be worn for three to five days with continued therapeutic benefit between clinical visits. It is made from a very thin, porous, 100% cotton fabric. It comes in pink, blue, beige and black. The dyes are made from plant extract and are hypoallergenic. It can be used at any stage of the treatment plan – acute, rehabilitative and chronic stage.

How does the tape work?

The skin is the surface of the brain. Pain is modulated by the effect the Kinesio Tape has on the skin. The tape works on the sensors lifting the skin which creates space, therefore stimulating the lymph and circulatory systems, in turn creating pain relief and pressure relief. Contraindications and precautions need to be considered before applying the tape.

Unique qualities of the Kinesio Tex Tape

  • Allows normal movement
  • The tapes thickness and weight are similar to the skin.
  • The wave like pattern mimics fingerprints and allows the skin to breath.
  • There is no medicine in the tape.
  • It is latex free
  • Water proof

The difference between the Kinesio Taping Method and Sports Taping

  • Sports taping is used to limit joint movement
  • It applies a compressive force to the skin and muscles
  • It has limited wear time
  • Uses latex adhesive
  • Protects and supports the injured structure during a match or exercise

Kinesio Tape is used to treat:

  • Tight, tense muscles
  • Ligament, tendon and joint injuries
  • Fascial adhesions and scars
  • Abnormal movement patterns
  • ACJ pain
  • Plantar fasciosis
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Achilles and patella tendonopathy
  • Shin splints
  • Trigger points
  • Hallux valgus pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pain caused by a lower back disc bulge

Kinesio Tape should be combined with other forms of physiotherapy treatment such as manual therapy, electrotherapy, dry needling and a stretching and or strengthening program.