Manual Therapy

Louise O'Rourke Physiotherapy - Physio Manual Therapy - Sports Massage - Citywest DublinThis is referred to as hands on physiotherapy. The aim of these techniques is to relax tense muscles, restore normal movement and reduce or eliminate pain. The selection of techniques used depends on the findings of a thorough assessment. Manual therapy can be used for numerous injuries and conditions. These techniques may include the following:

Maitland joint mobilisations

These techniques can be used to treat stiffness and pain in any joint in the body. The physiotherapist will apply different pressures while working on a specific joint.

Mulligan mobilisations

These pain free techniques aim to restore movement and eliminate pain. They can be combined with the patients own body movement. These techniques can be used for many injuries including tennis elbow, neck pain and stiffness.

Soft tissue mobilisation / massage / sports massage / sports therapy

All of these techniques can help reduce tension in muscles, improve circulation, promote tissue healing, improve movement and ease pain in the soft tissues. Ideal for anyone who has a sedentary job to an athlete who trains several times a week.


The physiotherapist may carry out stretching techniques to help elongate tight and shortened muscles. The client may be asked to contract a muscle for several seconds and then relax while the physiotherapist stretches the tissue.