Pilates Classes

We offer an extensive selection of Physio led Pilates classes including Mat and Reformer, Catering for all levels from beginner up.

General Information

  • You will be asked to fill out a screening form. You can download this form
  • Your Physio will go through your screening form with you, discuss any  injuries and any exercises which may be contraindicated to your injury
  • There are morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday classes suitable for Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate levels, Mat and Reformee
  • Classes are mixed, for males and females
  • Classes last 60 minutes, prenatal Pilates is 45 minutes
  • Classes run in terms of 6 weeks
  • Small classes so your physiotherapist can tailor exercises to your needs
  • The Physiotherapist will ensure you understand and can carry out all the principles and can contract the core muscles
  • Your Physiotherapist will encourage you to transfer what you learn in Pilates into everyday practice, for example, sit in neutral while driving the car, postural checks if sitting at a computer in work
  • Make sure you book in online to reserve your space


What do I need for a Pilates Class?

  • Bring a small towel, bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes
  • We have thick comfortable mats so you do not need to bring a mat
  • We do Pilates in our socks or barefoot (which ever you prefer)
  • Lastly have fun and enjoy 🙂

Private Pilates (one to one)

  • You may feel like you are not ready for a Pilates class and may benefit from some pre Pilates.  Certain clients may prefer or need a one to one session before entering a class setting. This may be ideal for patients with osteoporosis, arthritis, lower back pain or disc bulges in the neck or back and scoliosis. Click here to learn more.

Class Levels


25% Complete (success)

At this level you will learn the language of STOTT Pilates. This is for anyone new to Pilates or if you have done Pilates before and would like to learn the basics again. Suitable for people with any aches and pains, for example neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain. It runs as a 6 week course to introduce the principles of Pilates and get used to activating the deep stabilising muscles of the pelvis and spine.


50% Complete (success)

This is suitable if you have completed a Beginners course of Pilates and are able to maintain the activation of the deep stabilisers while carrying out certain exercises. This level will continue to work on learning the basic principles and applying them to the exercises while increasing the pace of the class.


75% Complete (success)

This level would be suitable if you have been practising Pilates for quite some time on a continuous basis. Extra resistance and props can be added to progress and challenge the individuals. Emphasis is on greater coordination, strength, endurance and technique.

Terms and conditions

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Return / Refund Policy

  • Payment for all classes must be received prior to the scheduled class date to ensure your place
  • Class Cancellations within 6 hours will not be refunded
  • Cancellations prior to 6 hours will receive the class back onto their account
  • Appointment Cancellations within 24 hours will not be refunded
  • Medical Cancellations – Cancellation is permitted where a client is not able to participate in a single session for medical reasons. A doctor’s note confirming that the athlete or team was not permitted to participate is required within 7 days of missed session.

Privacy & Security Policy

Commitment to Data Security

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General Terms

  • Please arrive to class on time. The warm-up is a very important part of Pilates. Missing this could cause you an injury.
  • It may occasionally be necessary for us to make changes to our services and we reserve the right to make such changes. If there are changes in the timetable due to adverse weather conditions or substitution of teachers we will try to notify you in advance but are not obliged to do so.
  • Please note your expiry date. Expiration dates cannot be extended.
  • Missed classes cannot be carried forward to the next course.
  • Pilates accounts cannot be shared.
  • Class packages cannot be shared. You cannot book a class under someone else’s name.
  • Minimum of 4 people necessary for the class to go ahead.
  • Pilates course must be paid for to reserve your place before the course commences.
  • You can cancel your classes online by pressing CANCEL or LATE CANCEL.
  • If you cancel in less than 6 hours the class will be deducted from your account.
  • If you cancel your Physiotherapy appointment in less than 24 hours you will have to pay for the missed appointment.
  • There is a €20 processing fee for any refunds.