Our main aim is to provide successful outcomes for our clients by treating their conditions and helping them to achieve their goals and it's great to hear the about the improvements in their day-to-day well being. Here's what some of them have to say.

My first appointment with Louise was in order to get treatment for lower back problems. During that session I mentioned that my shoulder and neck had been causing me difficulty for some time. She did a little work on that day and I got a great deal of relief.

During two more sessions she worked on areas that were very stiff and where I was holding a lot of tension and after each session I could feel my whole back area begin to loosen up.

The exercises she gave me were very gentle and could easily be worked into my daily routine and they did not cause me a huge amount of discomfort.

Her enthusiasm, positivity and encouragement were infectious and she helped me believe that this kind of pain could be alleviated. I had spent so long thinking that because of my age I just had better learn to live with it. Her knowledge and professionalism is proving me wrong. My sincere gratitude to you, Louise, for how much you have helped me.


Feedback from Pilates:

I slept like a baby the night after class!!

My neck feels so much stronger.

I won a planking competition in boot camp.

I am more aware of my posture when running and have a better breathing pattern.

My back pain is gone.

My stomach is shrinking in the middle.

I have so much energy after class.