Ann Murphy

Ann is a certified Balanced Body Reformer Pilates Instructor.

She initially got into Reformer Pilates a number of years ago as a way to rehab her body after having children.

She struggled to do her previous activities such as cycling, running and gym work without pain or getting injured so decided to take a break from them and start reformer pilates.

This was a bit of a change of pace for her, but she was soon convinced of the transformative power of Reformer as her various aches and pains seemed to melt away. Ann became hooked.


She decided to do the teacher training as she had become so passionate about the effectiveness of Reformer Pilates and its ability to enhance your life – from aiding everyday activities or improving sports performance. Ann is a big believer that Reformer Pilates can benefit everybody, every age and every level of current fitness, strength and flexibility.

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