Physio for Children

If you have answered yes to any of the above we can help. We see children from approximately the age of 7 onwards. We specialise in pains and problems in the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. These can become painful when your child is very active, growing or even doing too little exercise.
We have successfully treated hundreds of children and gotten them back to doing what they love. We have found children respond well to our Physio approach and recover quickly. They generally only need 1-3 Physiotherapy sessions. Some stay on longer for maintenance and exercise programs if this is needed.
We will complete an assessment, provide a diagnosis and put a treatment plan in place. We love working with children and we can make Physiotherapy fun for your child. We use a combination of hands on therapy, exercises, taping and insoles with excellent results. Exercises we often prescribe will work on strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. We will work closely with you and send a video exercise program so the exercises can be carried out at home. If you would like to talk to us and see how we can help your child please schedule a call with us or book an appointment online or alternatively call the number of above.

Need Pain Relief ?

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