Laser Therapy

What is LASER?
LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is a treatment which uses the power of light to go deep into our bodies into our cells to quicken the healing process. It targets activity at a cellular level to reduce pain, inflammation and scarring as well as improving wounds and soft tissue healing.
What conditions is LASER suitable for and how many treatments will I need?
LASER is suitable for both acute and chronic cases but frequency of treatments will depend on your condition. As a general rule, acute more recent conditions may be treated once or twice weekly while more chronic conditions may start off being treated weekly and progress to greater intervals between treatments as symptoms ease. This will all be dependent on age, condition and an individual’s response to LASER treatment.
What does LASER feel like and will it be painful?
You should feel nothing during LASER treatment aside from the pressure of the probe on your skin and you most certainly will not feel any pain with it. Over the next few hours and days, you may feel slight irritation as the healing process is accelerated. LASER is safe to use on children, adults and the elderly.
How successful is LASER?
Approximately 50% of people will feel a benefit after 1 session, 70-80% will feel a benefit after 2 sessions and 90% after just 3 LASER therapy sessions. This will obviously depend on the condition and your physiotherapist will recommend the use of LASER if it is suitable.
What to expect from LASER treatment?
Laser treatment is quite short and a probe will be placed around the injury site to stimulate healing. You will be required to fill out a LASER consent form before treatment and are required to wear protective goggles while receiving treatment to eliminate any chance of the LASER harming your eyes. You cannot damage your eyes if the goggles are worn.
What do after receiving LASER treatment?
It is advisable that you hydrate and avoid strenuous activity or sports for 24 hours post LASER treatment.

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