Hands on Therapy

  • Are you suffering with ongoing pain, stiffness, tightness orlack of movement?
  • Do you feel clicking or feel that your body is not moving correctly for you?
  • Do you find yourself rubbing a tight area?
  • Do you suffer with headaches?
  • Do you feel day to day tightness in your low back or hip area?
  • Do you struggle to get a full night sleep because of your neck, back or shoulder pain?
  • Are you relying on regular painkillers or anti inflammatories to get through your day?

These are common complaints our patients present with in our clinic. Fortunately, our Physio Team have years of experience of palpating or “feeling” muscles, joints and ligaments and knowing whether they are tight, painful or in a state of inflammation. Hands on therapy is one of the best ways a Physio can help decrease and eliminate your pain and stiffness. We have found it an excellent way

to calm down the nervous system which can be over stimulated when in pain. There is nothing like the benefits and results from hands on therapy from your Physio and we have 100’s of patients that can attest to this.

When you attend your Physiotherapy session the Physio will massage your muscles and press on or “mobilise” your joints. We
have found this combination of treatment helpful in reducing pain, stiffness and tightness. This then allows you to follow your Physios instructions in regards to getting moving or carrying out specific movement exercises or stretches.

The aim of these techniques is to relax tense muscles, restore normal movement and reduce or eliminate pain. The selection of techniques used depends on the findings of a thorough assessment. We use hands on therapy successfully on osteoarthritis, stiff necks, tense muscles, stiff low backs and hips. We will also get to the root cause of why you are stiff or tight and address these issues.



Need Pain Relief ?

If you feel like you may benefit from some hands on therapy from our Physio Team please get in touch. If you would like to discuss further on how this can help or if you have any questions, you can schedule a free phone consult with a member of our Physio Team. Our Physio Team will guide you in the right direction based on the presentation you have. If you would like to book an appointment for hands on therapy you can book online or call our Front Desk Team on the number at the top of the page.