Reformer Pilates

4 things to know before you start
Are you looking for an exercise system that will provide results, strengthen your deep core muscles, eliminate neck and back pain and is easy on the joints? Then you have come to the right place.
Let us help you find the right class for you. Our class levels are explained below.
Here is how our Pilates system works. We have several levels to achieve the very best results from your Pilates. We have tested this system over the past decade and have found that this approach produces the most effective benefits from our classes. We have found by having progressive levels, we will challenge you, ensure you progress and do not get complacent in your workouts, ensure you are safe and working to the best of your ability. We are experts in getting the most out of you in a class to help you along the way to achieving those sought after Pilates results. We are all about the Pilates journey, it is fun, enjoyable and challenging! A common comment we hear in class is “I wish I started sooner”
LOR Pilates Levels
Back To Basics
This is an introductory class for anyone who is interested in starting Pilates. It is a physiotherapist led class and is designed to focus on correct alignment, postural re-education and back care. It is 45 minutes long, to allow you to build up your confidence, fitness and strength. This will be a slow-paced class with lots of detailed instructions.
In this class you will learn the basics of Pilates, learn what a Reformer Pilates machine is, how it works and how to set it up for your own height. You can ask questions you may need answered here. All you need is a bottle of water and some comfortable clothes to allow you to move freely during the class. Our clients are loving these Introductory classes into our Pilates system. Our teacher will keep an eye on your positions and technique throughout the class.
This is a nice way to build the confidence in moving the body in a safe environment.
This is a step up from Back to Basics and is suitable for those who are new to Pilates or have had a break for a while.
This is where you learn the basics of Pilates & the Reformer. You will get comfortable with moving, engaging the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles. You will be introduced to the Pilates Principles & Pilates breathing (which can take time to get the hang off, so don’t worry!)
Your will start to become familiar with the setting up of your own machine, the springs, the resistance & safety on the Reformer. Your teacher will assist you with exercises such as hands in straps or legs in straps. You can stay in a Beginners class as long as you want. There is no exact time frame for moving onto the next level. It can depend on how often you do Pilates, what other exercise you do, what injuries you are working on & how you progress. Talk to your Teacher if you are thinking of progressing. They will advise you.
Some guidelines for progressing are
This is a slight step up from regular Beginners classes. They are the same as Beginners classes except you may just work that little bit harder. Our Beginners + classes would be a Beginners class with Teresa or Andrea. These movement experts will push you to your maximum ability for Beginners level. They will get the most from you in the hour class. You can stay at this level for as long as you like.
Beginners / Improvers
This is a step up from Beginners and Beginners+. This level is a continuation from Beginners. You will have completed at least 6 Beginners classes consecutively.
You are now comfortable on the Reformer. The Pilates principles start to fall into place. You are starting to delve deep into your core and switch off those other muscles in the neck, middle abdominals and legs!
You will start to become aware of your own body & what it is doing. The Teacher will continue to que throughout the class to assist in your progression but you no longer need help with your spring changes or straps. You may stay in this class for a long period of time working on all of the above. Pilates is all about Practice & if you are consistent you will start to notice the changes, the aches or pains disappear & will generally feel good in your body! You will become stronger, more flexible & your endurance will improve.
You must have completed a minimum of at least 10 Beginners classes before attending Improvers. Speak to your Instructor about progression. Be prepared to be challenged! You have learned all of the basic principles of Pilates & are able to apply these to your exercise routine. You will continue to work on your strength, correct muscle patterning & be reaping the benefits of Pilates!
What is Reformer Pilates?
The reformer is a very clever versatile piece of Pilates equipment that will really help you to move.
This type of exercise can train many parts and dynamics of the body in so many different ways using the resistance or assistance of springs on a moving carriage.
The Reformer allows for modifications for those with injuries and is suitable for first-time beginners or keen athletes looking for a challenge.

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