What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a manual therapy technique which mobilises connective tissue in your body. Rolfing aims to realign your body. It helps us reconnect with ourselves through a combination of guided movement patterns and breath work.


What’s involved during a Rolfing treatment session?

The treatment session focuses on breathing, posture and gait to help you achieve greater body awareness. Each session is for one hour and we usually recommend at least five sessions. Rolfing is for all age groups.


The benefits of Rolfing

  • Maximizes mind & body health.

  • Reduces stress and restores balance.

  • Enhances posture and alignment of the body.

  • Holistic management of acute and chronic conditions.

  • Revalitises your energy levels & improves flexibility.


How can I schedule an appointment?

Contact our reception to book in with our Rolfer. We offer pay as you go payments or a package of 4 or 9 sessions.


Initial Assessment €90 (1 hour)

Rolfing PAYG €80 (45 mins )

4 sessions (45 mins) €300

9 sessions (45 mins ) €675




T: 012573722 or 0879376858