Eric is a specialised physiotherapist & qualified personal trainer working with Chronic Pain, Spinal & other musculoskeletal conditions such as shoulder & neck pain.

Eric graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physiotherapy as well as previous studies in Nutrition, Human Health & Disease & the National Qualification in Health & Exercise.

Eric has a special interest in Pain Mechanics & Therapeutic Intervention and also has worked a lot with Bariatrics & Weight Management

Eric has treated many spinal conditions, Neck pain and Shoulder & Back pain.

Eric uses a wide variety of treatment modalities to relieve and resolve painful conditions, including Manual Therapies such as Dry Needling, Ultrasound & Laser, Passive Joint Range Techniques such as Mobilisations & Manipulations, and Active Joint Range Techniques such as nerve stretching and muscular contractions.

Eric is a Coeliac & in his spare time enjoys practising relaxation and meditation techniques such as Yoga & Tai Chi.

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