Kasia Rejmoniak

Kasia discovered the Pilates Method eight years ago. Having realised that Pilates helps her body to gain flexibility and strength she decided to study the Classic Pilates Method. She has completed the internationally recognised six-month Balanced Body Mentorship Programme in Pilates Performance Ireland. Kasia believes that with each training session we acquire greater awareness of the body. She finds that by working together with the Physiotherapists in the Clinic, she can help the clients to work on the balanced muscular strength system to reduce their symptoms and keep them doing the things they love.
Emphasis on breathing technique and mindful thinking can also help to reduce stress which is an added benefit to taking these classes. Kasia is also known for her good choice in music “the 80’s hitlist”. The reviews on Mindbody speak for themselves, Kasia’s Sunday classes are popular.
Pilates is Kasia’s hobby. She loves to travel. Planning trips and reading books keeps her going!

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