Teresa Laiseca

Originally from Spain, Teresa moved to London in her early twenties. Having a passion for Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance, she started training at The Place. After a cruciate ligament knee injury, she discovered Pilates and helped her to get back into dance.
Having experienced Pilates as a way of rehabilitation and feeling the many benefits of it, and having been a student for several years she decided to train as a Mat teacher in the NTC in Dublin followed by Reformer with Balanced Body. She has also completed her Comprehensive Training with Polestar in Chair, Barrell, Tower, Mat and Reformer.
Teresa believes Pilates helps you feel good both physically and mentally. It helps strengthen, lengthen and tone your whole body as well as being a de-stressing tool as you are focusing on your body and the movement.
Teresa challenges students and focuses on alignment and fluidity of movement. Her aim is to make you feel better both physically and mentally.
Teresa has helped thousands of people with her Pilates classes. Although they can be challenging, everyone leaves feeling invigorated and they keep coming back for more!!
Teresa enjoys spending time with her family, walking her dog, practising Pilates and planning her classes!

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